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Hengelosestraat 230
7562 PK Deurningen
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AvaTarZ is the largest climbing forest in the Netherlands. After the construction and opening in 2011, the forest was quickly developed further. We started with 5 climbing tracks with over 70 challenges, but now, including ziplines, AvaTarZ has more than 110 challenges varying in difficulty, high and low.

AvaTarZ has several marvellous tracks for kids from 6 – 9 years old. At 2 to 4 metres height, they start their adventure. To can climb and scramble across no less than 30 cool hurdles. From net to rope ladder and climbing frame. And the greatest thing about this special KidZ climbing track? Four ziplines that they can use to slide among the trees.

The KidZ climbing track has a very specific safety system to continuously secure the children across the track. No need for guidance. Children will sort the securing system within minutes and they will soon climb over the exciting hurdles, vertical walls with ropes or floating along the ziplines. The advantage of the securing system is that the kids will have both hands free for the exciting 2 hour adventure. And should they seem to be falling, they are secured after all. N.B. Although the name suggests that the KidZ climbing tracks is only for younger children, many a parent will climb along with the children. Spending excellent quality time in trees. Also the other ‘older’ children frequently climb this track. The motor challenges however, are aimed at the younger age group.

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    Drenthe, Dwingeloo

    • Nabij bosNabij bos
    • Nabij meer / ven / rivierNabij meer / ven / rivier
    • WifiWifi centraal
    • Bar / eetcaféBar / eetcafé
    • Pets limited allowedPets limited allowed
    • Openlucht zwembadOpenlucht zwembad
    • In Dwingelderveld National Park
    • Special camping accommodations
    • Free access to Swimming and Adventure Park Dwingeloo
    • Near adventurous mountain biking routes and the starting point of Nature Game
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