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Afsluitdijk Wadden Center

Afsluitdijk Wadden Center


Afsluitdijk Wadden Center

Afsluitdijk 1c
8752 TP Kornwerderzand
+31 (0) 517 723 026

In the Afsluitdijk Wadden Center you will find our interactive experience exhibition. The main theme is the (over)life of the Dutch in the Delta, through the centuries and with a view to the future of climate change and sea level rise. Enter the exhibition through our storm room and then make your way through the storms of the past to the solutions of today. Among other things, discover how the new work on the Afsluitdijk will protect us from sea level rise in the future. In addition, in the Aquavista, our visitors will have a special flying experience in the inspiring hinterland of the Afsluitdijk. Visitors can take a breathtaking sightseeing flight over the region in this show.

Afsluitdijk Wadden Center
Afsluitdijk Wadden Center
Afsluitdijk Wadden Center
  • 8.5


    Drenthe, Dwingeloo

    • Nabij bosNabij bos
    • Nabij meer / ven / rivierNabij meer / ven / rivier
    • WifiWifi centraal
    • Bar / eetcafĂ©Bar / eetcafĂ©
    • Pets limited allowedPets limited allowed
    • Openlucht zwembadOpenlucht zwembad
    • In Dwingelderveld National Park
    • Special camping accommodations
    • Free access to Swimming and Adventure Park Dwingeloo
    • Near adventurous mountain biking routes and the starting point of Nature Game
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